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Androhealth Registered as Saudi Tech

As part of the plans of Andromeda Information Technology Company, which owns the AndroHealth Medical System, to localize medical software in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the system has been approved as a Saudi Tech by the Communications, Space and Technology Commission and the Made in Saudi Arabia Program. This accreditation is an important achievement for the company as it confirms the quality and efficiency of the system. It opens the door to accessing more health institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Engineer Hesham Al-Suhaibani said: Andromeda CEO: “We are proud to certify AndroHealth as a Saudi Tech. We are committed to providing the best technical services to our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe that adopting AndroHealth as a Saudi Tech will help us achieve this goal and export the technology globally in the coming stages.”
Andro Health is characterized by a set of advantages that make it a distinguished system in the field of health information technology. including:

  • Provides a wide range of medical services, Including patient management, clinics, medical complexes, And others…
  • Integrated cloud system, this makes it easier for health institutions to use it.
  • Safe and reliable system, and complies with the highest security and safety standards.

AndroHealth is currently used by a number of health institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Including medical complexes and clinics.

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