Hospital Management System with intellegence:

Andro Health Solutions is one of the top hospital management system in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East. Andro Health Solutions is a complete information based protocol. It endeavors all the aspects that are essential to running a hospital, Like it begins with the recognition of the patients, the enrollment of their credentials, tracking their health history and submitting that to the concerned personnel. Further it goes to the pharmacy and helps the personnel there in managing the stock and inventory. And when it comes to the accounts it assists them with globally and locally recognized accounting principles the best govern this department.

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Andro health solutions for every hospital


  • Appointment Management (Online & Offline)
  • OutPatient Management
  • Integrated Pharmacy
  • Integrated Labs
  • Integrated Radiology Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Management

Health Care Centers

  • Inventory Management System
  • Emergency Department Management
  • Patients Dietary Management
  • Laundry Management
  • Financial Accounting Management
  • Doctor Module
  • Nurse Management System

Large Hospitals

  • Cash Management System
  • Fixed Assets Management System
  • Claims Management System
  • Blood Bank Management System
  • Wards Management System
  • Ambulance Management System
  • Operation theater Management System


Androomeda Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Development and Engineering company which is lead by the determined and enthusiastic team to provide the best services to their clients.

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